Wednesday, 17 April 2013

On the News-stand

A sampling of the abundance of reading matter available this week in 1963. The movies still dominate, with  Burton and Taylor's onscreen and offscreen romance  and Sophia Loren prominent, and Alfred Hitchcock's "own" Mystery magazine. But there are titles 'exclusively for gentlemen' and titles 'exclusively for ladies' too.


 Interestingly, although some names of 1963 are still familiar- Sophia Loren still makes the news from time to time, and science fiction magazine Analog  flourishes, and has done since 1930- others are long forgotten. Who remembers the flame-haired model, actress and dancer Suzy Parker today?

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  1. All of those cover designs are superb. No clutter, and the Playboy and Life ones are really eye catching. Ah, the days before numerous straplines and repetitive stock photos.