Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Bondski is Back

Ian Fleming's ultra cool spy James Bond, 007- licensed to kill- had made a big splash with his debut movie in 1962 and made an overnight star of Sean Connery. Now, on 8th April 1963, came his second big screen adventure- From Russia With Love.  Bond is searching for a Russian decoding machine before the evil SPECTRE organization finds it. Naturally, being Bond, there's romance afoot with a Russian, Tatiana Romanova, travelogue backdrops of Istanbul, all the while being shot at and hunted down by SPECTRE agents- one of whom even possesses an incredible poison tipped shoe. Could happen to anyone, but see what you think in this typically breathless 1963 vintage trailer:


  1. Brilliant Nigel, though I genuinely didn't think you went back that far. Coincidentally, there must be something in the air, I've just started posting instalments from My (heavily illustrated) 1970s Diary, starting in 1977.


    Kev F (late of The Beano)

  2. theres this movie...a russian movie


    its actually a parody on James Bond
    there were russian films beeing watched all over the world BUT
    no other BUT russian to the soviets.We didnt know James Bond,the huge majority anyway...
    oh well...

  3. and this is the FIRST STRIPTEASE FOR THE MASSES...