Thursday, 18 April 2013

Never Have You Known His Like!

Fresh from success with Spiderman, Steve Ditko came up with the idea of "Dr Strange- The Master of Black Magic!" in this months Strange Tales comic (cover date July1963). Stan Lee put the dialogue to it, and Stan Goldberg did the iconic colour scheme. Although there had been mysterious magicians in comics, on radio and in movies before, none of them were quite like this. Steve Ditko's unique, unsettling art and Lee's hyperbolic dialoguing (Ditko generally plotted the stories while drawing) took this series into world's weirder and more wonderous than any comic book before. 

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  1. While Stan did say that "'twas Steve's idea", considering that Strange was pretty much a rehash of Dr Droom, I've always wondered if he merely meant it was Steve's idea to do a story about a magician in Strange Tales. Their origins are almost exactly the same, and since Steve inked the first Dr Droom story, he couldn't have been unaware of the similarities.