Tuesday, 4 June 2013


On this day, 5 June 1963, British political life was jolted when Profumo resigned.

The whole complicated business had begun in 1961,when Conservative MP and war Minister John Profumo met Christine Keeler, good-time girl or, according to the newspapers, a call girl, at a house party at Cliveden, a mansion owned by Lord Astor. Rumours about an affair became public in 1962, as did the allegation that Keeler had a relationship with Yevgeny Ivanov, senior naval attachĂ© at the Soviet embassy in London at the same time. Given Profumo's position in the government and the Cold war at its height, the ramifications in terms of national security and the adulterous nature of Profumo's relationship with Keeler,  the affair became a public scandal.
Profumo assured Prime Minister Harold Macmillan the rumours were untrue, and stated to the House of Commons in March that there was "no impropriety whatsoever" in his
relationship with Keeler and that he would issue writs for libel and slander.
However, on this day on 5 June, Profumo confessed that he had misled the House (ie lied) and resigned his cabinet position, as well as his Privy Council and parliamentary membership.
Profumo Affair wiki here

The real-life drama continued with court cases, further allegations and even suicide. The scandal that rocked Britain was in full flow.

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