Saturday, 11 May 2013

The Sixties Start Swinging!

May 13th
Modesty Blaise, the comic strip by Peter O'Donnell  and Jim Holdaway made it's debut in the London Evening Standard on Monday, May 13th 1963. O'Donnell got the idea after a wartime meeting with a girl in the Middle East and wondered how she would grow up.
 Modesty Blaise turned out to be one of the two or three most successful British newspaper strips of the 1960s- it was even made as a (mostly forgettable) movie in 1966.
Here is the first time Modesty is seen, the second strip, printed the following day, May 14th.
Illustrator Jim Holdaway gave the strip it's distinctive and luxurious look- sadly he died suddenly age only 43 in 1970, whilst still drawing Modesty Blaise. He hadn't been first choice- Frank Hampson had tried out but O'Donnell was unhappy with Hampson's treatment. Holdaway was just right, and his style personifies the 1960s like few others.

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